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2021 Junior Fun Day

The kids blowing bubbles during one of the activities during the day.

One of the fun craft activites the kids participated in during the day, Pinecone Foxes.

2021 Junior Bowling

We had 14 Juniors at bowling all wearing their mask 2 were not in the photo. But all had a good time.

2020 Winter Rally

Images from Winter Rally (Click the link for the picture)

  • State Session Display
    The Junior display at State Session.
  • Christmas Cards
    Christmas Cards made by the juinors.

Junior Grange is Coming Back!

Hear ye, hear ye,

Let’s organize or reorganize Junior Granges across New Hampshire. The challenge this year is to organize or reorganize Junior Granges. Why?

According to the National Program Guide for 2013: “Membership matters in the Grange at any age. We are a family organization that must strive to offer opportunities for everyone in the family. Children bring an opportunity for growth and excitement for everyone in your Grange. The Junior Grange and subordinate Grange work hand and hand to develop and create opportunities within your community. Everyone benefits from working together.” I am willing to help you with resources and materials to promote a Junior Grange in your area.

You must have someone or a group that love working as leaders with children ages 5-14. Ask your Subordinate Grange to support a Junior Grange by hosting the Junior Grange in your hall, invite members with young children to an organizational meeting.

History of Junior Grange:

The first Junior Grange was organized in Texas in 1888. At the 24the Annual meeting of the National Grange in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1890 a ritual was adopted. There have been two minor changes in the wording of the Junior Grange Pledge in 1980, but otherwise, it remains as it was written well over 100 years ago.

I have seen many of the Grange members today that had started in Junior Grange and are now some of our State Committee members and are really growing as future leaders for the New Hampshire State Grange.

Any questions on any of the Junior Grange work please contact me.

Joann Brandt


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