"In Essentials, Unity; In Non-Essentials, Liberty; In All Things, Charity"

General Deputy

Please find the Deputies and the Granges that they are serving for 2021, as well as information from the General Deputy.

2021 Pomona Grange Fall Deputy Report
2021 Subordinate Grange Fall Deputy Report

Please respond to Arthur Merrill at amerrill@nhgrange.org with any questions.

Subordinate Granges

General Deputy
Arthur Merrill

District #1
Beth Merrill: Joe English, Pembroke

District #2
James Tetreault: Golden Rod

District #3
Matthew Clark: Arlington

District #4
Daniel P. Bascom: Aurora, Lake Shore, Stratford

District #5
Sarah Leclerc: Antrim, Londonderry

District #6
Andrew Savage: Centennial, Crown Point, Hudson

District #7
Ida Hutchins: Dorchester, Lower Intervale, Mt. Livermore, Park

District #8
Tricia Taylor: Baker's River, Blow-Me-Down, Harmony, Tuftonborough

District #9
Norman Brandt: Chichester, Gilman, Rochester, Rockingham, Watatic

District #10
Chris Heath: Cocheco, Concord, Jeremiah Smith, Riverhill, Wingold

District #11
Arthur Merrill: Blazing Star, Claremont, Meriden, Mohawk, Mount Hope, Mt. Pistereen, Pine Grove, Walpole, Wicwas Lake

Pomona Granges

Arthur Merrill: Cheshire County, East Rockingham, Eastern NH, Mascoma Valley, Northern NH, Pemigewasset Valley, Suncook Valley

Jane Trombi: Hillsborough County

Deputy Information

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