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From the Office of the Secretary of the New Hampshire State Grange

February 2, 2013

Dear Worthy Secretary,

I am pleased to report that the 2012 Journal of Proceedings is complete and ready for distribution.

Per a Resolution that was passed at our October 2011 Annual State Grange Session in Gorham, “the NH State Grange Secretary will provide one printed copy of the Journal of Proceedings to each Subordinate and Pomona Grange each year, if requested by the Grange.  Journals are available for $7 to any Grange member who wishes to receive one.  Please contact the State Secretary for a printed copy.

The 2012 Journal is now available on-line through the State Grange Website. To download or print a copy of the Journal of Proceedings, go to the Home page of the NH State Grange website . In the right column there is a line that states “Journal of Proceedings click here to open/download”, click on the words “click here” and this will take you to the portion of the Annual Convention webpage that lists the links to Journal of Proceedings for 2008 through 2012. Click on the appropriate year and the Journal will open (this may take a few minutes to download) in Adobe Reader (if you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, click on the box at the bottom of the webpage and follow the instructions to install Adobe Reader). Once the file has downloaded and opened, move your curser to the bottom center of the document and a black bar will appear, on the left end of the bar is a floppy disk symbol (to save the file to your computer) and next to that a printer symbol (which will allow you to print the file), click on the appropriate symbol. If the black bar does not appear, press the “ctrl” button on your computer at the same time as the “P” button on your computer and your print dialogue box will open and print the document from there.

Thank you for sending your December 2012 quarterly report and bonding fees.  If your Grange has not yet sent these please do so as soon as possible a late report is better than no report.

I have received several requests for membership recognition awards which have been sent to National Grange.  Please make sure when ordering that you apply your Grange Seal to the order form and send a check made out to The National Grange.  I had to send one form back to the Subordinate Grange for the seal to be applied which takes time.

If you have any questions or need assistance please give me a call or send me an E-mail.


Jerry Leclerc, Secretary

NH State Grange

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