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Membership Development

Please respond to Norman Brandt at with any questions.

NH State Grange at the 2015 Farm and Forest Expo

Membership Application  Word Format (Member Benefit)

Membership Application PDF Format (Member Benefit)

Membership Application  Word Format (Intro to the Grange)

Membership Application PDF Format (Intro to the Grange)

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To assist the NH State Grange and it’s subordinates to Grow and remain active.


Committee members:

       Chair: Norman Brandt   603-642-5074        

              Anne Boisvert    603-435-5127    


More to be announced. 


Membership Items available:


  Wooden Nickels, Pamphlets, Rip Cards, Welcome book, Balloons, Pencils, help from the Grange Growth and Revitalization Team

(Reasonable quantities are free but donations for materials would be appreciated.)



Recruiting Members pamphlet: Ways to approach and get new members.









Grange Membership Rip Cards

Membership drive cards: Get a written commitment from your members on whom they are willing to ask to become a member and what their response is.  The idea of the card is the more people you ask the more people may join.


Grange Rip CardsRip cards: A very useful tool when at an event like a fair, old home day, or talk with a large group of people.  As with most tools, they must be used correctly: Take a small group of them and place them in your pocket. When you find someone interested in Grange, have them fill out the top section and let them know that somebody will be in contact with them.  Tear off the bottom section and hand it to the person so they can do their own research later if they want to. If the person is not from your area, contact the Membership Director and they can get the info card to the correct location.  If the person is from your area, invite them to your next Grange meeting. Welcome them to the hall and give them a heads up on the procedure of the meeting.  At the end of the meeting ask if they are still interested in joining.  Follow up a few times after they come and you may get a new member...  Just remember that getting a filled out card does not guarantee you will have a new member; don’t get pushy or hostile when dealing with them.



National Membership Brochure: This is a general introduction to the Grange which includes an application that can be turned in for membership.  Having a few applications on hand at any event, including meetings, will help if you have an interested person at your Grange.





An Introduction to The Grange: This pamphlet was designed to give information on the New Hampshire State Grange and what we do.  A small tri-fold makes it easy to keep available at all times.







Member Benefits: This brochure gives all membership benefits open to Grange members, please remember that this may not be kept updated and new benefits may not be listed, remind people that are looking over them to visit the State or National Grange website for an update on benefits that are not listed.





Youth Brochure: The Youth brochure is designed to get the attention of youth and make them interested in Grange.  Like the general membership brochure, it contains an application for membership.




Junior Grange Brochure: This past year the National Grange changed the format of Jr. Grange.  Now Jr’s are able to be more of a young “Grange member in training” participating at a regular subordinate Grange meeting (think Junior Bridesmaid)... All the kinks are not worked out on this, but keep an ear open to find out how the NH State Grange will be administrating this. The brochure includes a Junior application for membership.





Declaration of Purposes:  What is the Grange; why are we here?  This pamphlet explains the official purpose of the Grange.  Every Grange member should have heard if not read this at some point. 






Publicity tips:

 Get your name out there!  We cannot get your name and events out as well as you can.

  Places to not forget when you advertise:

- Craigslist, Newspapers articles, Fliers in your local stores

- If your Grange does Facebook, post it up!



 May we be seen!

      Do you remember Burm-a-Shave?

They had a great grass roots campaign.  It goes like this...  Using 4-6 signs you come up with a sentence.  Putting 2-3 words per sign, these signs are put up along a road in sentence order over a mile or two.  At the end it would say Burm-a-Shave.   What I am proposing is running a Grange campaign following this concept. 

What it will take is some nice word smiths that can come up with clever sentences that give a little information about your Grange or the Grange in general.  An example for Wingold Grange #308: “Bored Friday night/ Missing company/ Wanting new Friends/ don’t be late/ Join Wingold Grange/ Number 308.”  I’m sure there are much more clever ones than that but it gets a message out.  If you end up having one that you need printed or made up, send it along to me. If we approve the message, we can get it printed and to you.

Do you have meaning?


     Many Granges have lost a direction.  If you find yourself meeting for the sake of meeting you may just have lost direction and have stated walking in a circle.  The New Hampshire State Grange can help you locate a direction your town needs.  Being relevant in your community will help you grow and become stronger as a Grange.  When was the last time you looked at your town needs and said “oh I wish we could do something to help?”  Singularly you may not be able to do it but as a group it can get done. Do you know how to move a mountain?  It starts with walking up to the base of the mountain, picking up one rock, one piece of dirt, and walking away with it.  If you do this enough times or with enough people that mountain will move... The hard part is putting it back together when you’re done :). If you are having trouble deciding as a group of people what mountain you wish to move, ask for assistance and the State Grange will send someone to get with your Grange and community to do a visioning and see what people think is the first mountain in need of moving.

      By having a direction and a plan it will be easier to explain what your Grange is doing and why you are doing it.   



All members are needed:

Do you keep all of your members up to date on what your Grange is doing?  Even if a member does not come to meetings, they help in other ways. They pay their dues at the very least.  Certainly a birthday card or other holiday card from the Grange would not be uncalled for.  Remember that if they are paying their dues, they are at least interested in what you are doing and may become more active when their life style slows down, or maybe they were one of the driving forces before you became a member.

      Everyone wants to be needed. Is your Grange filling this need?  Every Grange member has knowledge that can be shared. Have you considered doing workshops or programs open and advertised to the public? Make it free or make it into a fund-raiser.  How about some examples? At Wingold Grange, our actively attending members consist of: Nurses, Arborist, Seamstress, Accountant, knitters, Crochet, Educators, Farmers, Student, Bakers, and a Town Clerk. Now think of this: if each could do a program a year, we could do 11-14 years of programs. But why do only 1 program each year?  Why not a 3-2 hour program on a weekend day? One year we can bundle a 3 program workshop on farming, and the Farmer can do his talk on Gardening, the Arborist could do the talk on proper tree trimming techniques, and the Baker can do a pie making workshop.   If you have a local farm that does all of these things, you could see if they would be interested in teaming up and doing the program on their farm (just make sure you carry insurance to protect you and the farmer. Normally just a rider with the farmer’s name on it will do.) You could charge $20 a person/family for the whole program.  Check with your local stores and look for donations and have door prizes or raffles.

I have an affiliation with Hampton Falls Grange. This Grange consists of Knitters, Doily makers, Travelers, Chief, Canner, Farmer, Painters, Sketchers, writers, and some I haven’t had the chance to figure out except know they are warm caring people.  So this Grange could do a fund raiser on artwork, knitting and doily making.  By the number of people I’ve heard in local stores just comment on wishing they could learn to make doilies, I’m sure with proper advertising they could get a group of 5 people that would pay 10-20 dollars to learn how.  If broken into 3 different classes 5 for Doilies, 5 for Artwork, and 10 for Knitting we’re looking at 200-400 dollars on just skill sharing.  In the end not only will people be introduced to your Grange members, but your Grange members will realize how needed and appreciated they are.  The one problem that tends to come up at these events is you need a committee to serve refreshments (or have a bake sale) and a few people that are willing to help as needed during these workshops.  With some help from the rest of the Grange, these workshops get your name out and put your Grange’s name in good standing with the community.


Please keep an eye out for other activities the membership team will be putting on. 


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