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Brother and Sisters,

As I sit here in the warm confines of my home to write this article I wonder if all of you are doing the same. It is amazing how mother nature acts sometimes and I hope this is not the start of another ice age.

It has been a busy three months, since my last article, here in the New Hampshire State Grange. In late November, I met with the committee directors to discuss their programs for the year. It was encouraging to know that they have some great things planned for the coming Grange year.

In December we held our Deputy School/Committee planning meeting at the New Hampshire Fire Academy. We had a great turnout and and everyone was on the road home by 2:00 pm.

Later that month I had the pleasure of visiting Mohawk Grange in Colebrook to watch them confer degrees on two new candidates. Congratulations to them for bringing in new members and for doing a good job with the degrees.

I visited Wicwas Lake Grange to present them with their Distinguished Grange award that they received at National Grange. They are a very large, active group in their community. We could all learn a lesson or two from this Grange.

January brought another cold month but found me travelling to a few more Granges. I visited Centennial Grange, Jeremiah Smith Grange and Claremont Grange. Both Centennial and Claremont Granges held a visioning program at their meetings. For those of you who have not had one of these programs, I would strongly encourage you to have your Deputy schedule a visioning program for you.

In January, the New Hampshire State Grange hosted the the Northeast Leaders Conference. The event was held at the Best Western in Portsmouth NH and Grangers from New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire attended. There were 120 plus participants that took part of this conference. It was a great success and I want to thank everyone who played a part in it. I especially want to thank Ken Berry, Jerry Leclerc and Kerriann Heath for taking care of most of the details and arrangements. I heard nothing but good comments about the weekend.

The end of January I found myself and Noel at the Winter Rally in Hooksett. I want to commend both the Junior Director Joann Brandt and the Youth Director Beth Merrill and her team for a great day. The Juniors had many activities including making dessert for lunch, opening and closing the junior meeting and they initiated two new members. The youth also had a great day. They had a day full of activities including a demonstration of Parliamentary Procedure by the FFA.  

In February, a large group of grangers helped man the Farm and Forest Exposition booth in Manchester New Hampshire. We had many visitors to the booth and as a result we had 20 plus people fill out rip cards. The membership director Norman Brandt will be sending these cards to the granges in the communities where these people live. The people who filled out these cards are interested in knowing more about the grange and some of them are even interested in joining the Grange. If your particular Grange happens to be one of the communities where these people live, I encourage you to reach out to them and tell them what your individual Grange does. Invite them to come to your meeting and see what you do. Provide them with a schedule of your meetings so they know when things are happening. Most importantly, I hope that you ask them to become a member of your Grange. For those Granges that do not get a referral, please don't be discouraged. Go out and ask someone in your community to come to a meeting. Ask them if they would like to join the Grange. People are out there ready to join, all you have to do is ask. I would encourage any Grange that knows of an FFA chapter, a 4-H chapter or a Future Business Leaders Association in their local area, they should contact them and invite them to put on a program for your Grange. When they come to visit, you should tell them more about what your Grange does and ask them if they would like to come again. Maybe if their interest is high, you could ask them to join. Sometimes all it takes is someone to ask them. Communication is the key to your success in growing your Grange.

I hope that Granges have been receiving correspondence from the State Grange. We are trying very hard to improve the communications with all Granges and this can only be accomplished if those letters and emails are shared with all the members. These do take some time to read through but the information is important. Just because there is something going on and you personally are not interested doesn't mean that someone else at your grange isn't. Share emails and communications about events with all your members so they can make the decision for themselves.

At the end of February I travelled to the Master's Conference which was located in Belleville, Illinois. While there I attended many workshops on a wide variety of subjects. Master's of State Granges all over the country attend this conference. I had a great time learning and getting motivated to continue growing the grange in New Hampshire. It was nice to see all the friends that I made when I was at National Grange Session.

I hope to do some more travelling in the next few months and hope that Noel and I will see a lot of you in our travels. We will be bowling on March 8th in Manchester at the State Grange Bowling tournament and visiting more granges.

We will also be attending the Spring Fling in April. I will be putting on a workshop called Grange 101. This will be a learning workshop that I would encourage new grangers to attend.

I hope to see many of you in the coming months in my travels around the state. Stay safe and warm!! 


Chris Heath


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