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Junior Grange Information

Things are happening here and if you have any suggestions for this page please inform the Junior Director Joann Brandt (check the Committee page of the website for mailing information).

Junior Grange News

§ 2017 Junior Program

§ 2017 Junior Winter Rally Schedule

§ Junior Director's Notes

§ Junior Grangers at 2015 Bowling Tournament

§ Juniors at the 2015 Winter Youth Rally

§ Christmas Stockings for Servicemen Overseas

§ May Letter from the Junior Director

§ Letter from Junior Director about Summer Rally

§ Juniors at 2014 February Youth Rally

§ Junior Fun Day August 3, 2014 at Hooksett

§ New Junior Grange Members

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Junior Director's Notes

Each Grange should have received the Junior Program for activities. I have also sent this information to our Webmaster to place on for more information. This year’s theme is “As Flowers grow, so do Children in Junior Grange”

I neglected to tell the delegates in my report at State Grange, that as of June 30, we had 33 Junior Grangers in New Hampshire. We were able to graduate four Juniors that turn 14 in 2014, and I hope the Subordinate Granges will invite them in as members to assist their Granges.

Congratulations to our four that have graduated from Junior Grange: Jordan Durand and Makena Kimball of Wicwas Lake Grange, Rebecca Marcoux of Watatic Grange and Logan Burnor of Hinsdale Grange. Unfortunately, we need to add more Juniors to replace those moving up. I guess that is just like Subordinates who lose members need to replace them.

We are beginning a new year in the Junior Grange and I want to thank all of the Juniors who participated in the contests for 2014. Congratulations to the Contest Winners of 2014.

Recycled Something from Nothing

Ava Twiss - Waterer 1st ,

Isabell Brandt - Bookmark 1st ,

Bowen Brandt - Bookmark 2nd ,

Natalie Brandt - Bookmark 2nd


Make a card for a Special Person


Ava Twiss 1st


2014 Big E Junior Contest Recycled Plastic Lid Craft


Genevieve Twiss 1st

Ava Twiss 1st

Alayna Twiss 1st

Isabell Brandt 2nd

Madison Brandt 3rd


Art Drawings


Genevieve Twiss 1st

Ava Twiss 1st

Alayna Twiss 1st

This year I recognized at State Grange, those Granges that have supported the Juniors and worked with them: Watatic Grange #35, Prentice Hill Grange #267, Hinsdale Grange #358, Wicwas Lake Grange #292, Rochester Grange #86, Wingold Grange #308, Harmony Grange #99, and Hampton Falls Grange #171.

Junior Grange is a great learning time for all young children. Encourage them to tell of their activities and maybe even to give a demonstration on a project they have had at school. This gives them practice speaking in front of people and will assist them with their future endeavors.

Thank you to Jane Heath for assisting the Juniors in making Christmas stockings. We finished eight in time to be sent to the Pease Greeters who send to the soldiers in time for Christmas. Juniors put stickers on them. Check out the website for photos of the stockings.

I have heard of families interested in having their children become Juniors. Please contact me by phone 603-642-5074 (leave a message if I am not home) and tell me where you would like me to visit. I will come to your Grange to obligate them as Juniors. Would your Grange want to host your own Junior Grange? Seventeen children will be the goal to start your own Junior Grange. I hear of one Grange working on this and hope more of you will think about it.

Eastern States Exposition (Big E) Junior Contest for 2015

Make something using the new colored duct tape. Anything can be made even 2D or 3D. Size not to exceed 9" x 9" x 6”. NO KITS, please.

Entries are to be sent to Joann Brandt by August 15 so judging can be done and winners will be sent to Springfield Eastern States for Northeast Junior Judging.

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Juniors at 2014 February Youth Rally

We had a great day in Hooksett on February 1, 2014 with five Juniors and two future Juniors in attendance.  Everyone began the day learning how to do a Sign a Song under the capable direction on Kathy Yardley.  The children then prepared the no-bake oatmeal cookies that are our baking contest this year.  Samples were enthusiastically received by all who tried them! 

Again this year the children decorated and the youth filled 100 brown bags with candy, cookies and candy cane hearts for the NH Food Bank as a Community Service Project,

Lunch was enjoyed with Macaroni and cheese, sandwiches and soup thanks to Camilie Twiss, George Stanley and Debbie Greene from Watatic Grange.

The afternoon workshop was making beanbags. Each child filled their bags and sewed them shut; even the 5 year olds were successful with this and played an active game of beanbag toss.  Many thanks to Gloria Davis for her help with this and other projects for the day.

Floor work is the same for all and the workshop on Grange floor work was for both Juniors, Youth and young at heart. Opening with opening the Bible and the flag presentation, presenting guests and then retiring the flag and closing the Bible were all done with questions from all present. This was great for the Juniors to see and helped us learn to do better grange work. Thanks to Norman Brandt for supplying marching music for the floor work.

Below are pictures that were taken at the rally, if you click on a picture, it will open a larger version of the picture.

11 10 9

      Cards of different catagories                    Youth making cards                                Juniors decorating cards

8 7 6

                    Juniors making no-bake cookies                               Youth making candy cane hearts    

5 4 3

All learning sign-a-song                Youth and Junior Cards             Juniors making bean bags

 2 1

     Juniors sewing bean bags              Lunch being made

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Junior Grange Fun Day August 3, 2013 at Hooksett

Click on either of the two pictures above to open larger pictures.

Mixer games were played while waiting for the rest of the children to arrive.

Snacks and drinks were enjoyed as we sat around the table talking. We found out Isabell has a Deaf child in her class at school and Cole has learned some sign language. Others have had a little experience but with Marie Hall, Past State Lecturer, they all had a chance to learn the alphabet in sign language. Marie also set up folders for each family to take home with the whole alphabet, playing cards with signing the numbers taped to the cards to play fish in sign language. That must be a quite game!

We were honored to have our State Master, Jim Tetreault and State Overseer, Chris Heath present. Chris helped with our Ice Cream making and Jim assisted with the obligation of 7 more children.

We made ice cream in a bag. Yes, we used two zip top bags and each made their own ice cream to be used for dessert.

Waiting for lunch to finish, we all made cards to give the Pease Greeters to send to soldiers overseas.

Thanks to all of the Adults helping with our activities:

Camilie Twiss for work preparing lunch and clean up and M&M Cookies

Sherry Bokousky and Sandra Bokousky leading marching with the Juniors

Lois Enman assisting little fingers in sign language and making cards

Laura Gotauco, Nicole Brandt and Sandra filling ice cream baggies for the children

Marie for all her work in preparing the folders and spending the day with us, ending up playing the piano for marching.

Jim Tetreault

Chris Healh

Eric Marcoux and all family members for bringing Juniors to participate, a total of 13 children

Making Ice Cream in a Baggie

Objective: to make ice cream in a baggie!


1 Quart Ziptop Bag

1 Gallon Ziptop Bag

Half and Half

Granulated sugar

Vanilla flavoring

Rock salt (from a hardware store, used to clear walkways)




In a 1 quart Ziptop bag, combine the following

   ½ Cup half and half cream  

   1 Tablespoon sugar

   1/8 teaspoon vanilla flavoring


In the 1-gallon Ziptop bag, combine the following

   ¼ Cup sodium chloride (table salt or rock salt)

   2 Cups Ice


Tightly close the 1 quart small bag with your name on it

Put it inside the large bag

Shake for 5-10 minutes until the cream mixture has hardened

Discard the large bag with the ice and rock salt

Take a spoon and enjoy your treat!

We put it in the freezer until we ate!


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New Junior Grange Members

On April 20th, at Hillsborough County Pomona’s meeting, Joann Brandt, Junior Director, obligated 6 new Junior Grange members. At Hinsdale Grange on April 21, 11 new Junior Grange members were obligated and a charter application was completed and is headed to National Grange this week. There are supposed to be some more Juniors obligated at the Variety Show on Saturday April 27th. Junior Grange is GROWING in New Hampshire!

State Master, Jim Tetreault, with newly obligated Juniors, signing the application for a new Junior Grange Charter

Click on either of the two pictures abobe to open a larger picture.

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Junior Grange is Coming Back!

Hear ye, hear ye,

Let’s organize or reorganize Junior Granges across New Hampshire.

The challenge this year is to organize or reorganize Junior Granges.



According to the National Program Guide for 2013: “Membership matters in the Grange at any age. We are a family organization that must strive to offer opportunities for everyone in the family. Children bring an opportunity for growth and excitement for everyone in your Grange. The Junior Grange and subordinate Grange work hand and hand to develop and create opportunities within your community. Everyone benefits from working together.”


I am willing to help you with resources and materials to promote a Junior Grange in your area.


You must have someone or a group that love working as leaders with children ages 5-14.  Ask your Subordinate Grange to support a Junior Grange by hosting the Junior Grange in your hall, invite members with young children to an organizational meeting.


History of Junior Grange:


The first Junior Grange was organized in Texas in 1888. At the 24the Annual meeting of the National Grange in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1890 a ritual was adopted. There have been two minor changes in the wording of the Junior Grange Pledge in 1980, but otherwise, it remains as it was written well over 100 years ago.  …….


I have seen many of the Grange members today that had started in Junior Grange and are now some of our State Committee members and are really growing as future leaders for the New Hampshire State Grange.


Any questions on any of the Junior Grange work please contact me.


Joann Brandt

41 Burnt Swamp Rd

East Kingston, NH 03827

Tel: 603-642-5074


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2015 Junior Grange Contests

Contests for National Grange can be found on the National Grange website:

 New Hampshire State Junior Grange 2015 Contests for age children members and non-members.

 All contest ages for the contests will be: 4½ -7 years, 8-11 years, and 12-14 years of age

 Make a Card for a Special Person

 Use any material, no bigger than 4 inches by 6 inches.

 You name it!

This can be any favorite craft that you like to make. no bigger than 12"x12"x6". Use a kit, legos®, puzzle made into a picture, etc. It can be sewn, glued, etc.

Brown Paper Craft Bag:

Use a brown paper bag and make it into what ever animal or craft that you would like to make. You may use construction paper, glue, etc to make your crafted bag.

Recycled "Something from Nothing" Contest

Choose Popsicle sticks, clothes pins, bulbs, candy cane to make a useable item.

Suggestions: Soda bottle bird feeder, tin can craft, bottle cap whatever you have and make into a useable item. No larger than 12"x12"x6". Contest entries should be brought to State Grange in October, 2015, for judging and prizes.

Big E Contest

Duct Tape Craft. Not to exceed 9"x9"x6" size. Anything can be made even 2D or 3D. Entries are to be to the Junior Director by August 15 so judging can be done and winners will be sent to Springfield Eastern States for Northeast Junior Judging. No Kits.

Baking Contest for Junior Grangers

Meringue Ice Cream Cones.


Meringue Ice Cream Cone

Use an ice cream cone, 3 meringue cookies, frosting, sprinkles and jimmies. Place frosting on inside edge of cone, with meringue cookie upside down in cone, frost top of cookie bottom and place 2 meringues side by side on top of flat cookie. Using frosting, dab frosting lightly and sprinkle with your favorite jimmies and sugars. (see below)



Click here to print recipe


Make a Christmas Ornament for your tree (felt, material and decorations may be used).


Stuffed Toy to be judged and once prizes are awarded, toys will be donated to the Shriners Burn Hospital for children in the Burn Center.


Make mittens for donating to schools.

Community Service Contests for Junior Grangers

Fill an Empty Plate


Collect food for a food pantry (amount that will fit on a plate).


Card for a Veteran


Make a card for a Veteran.


Membership Contest


Check Membership webpage


Lecturer's Contest


Photo Contest

Art Contest

Junior Writing Contest (this is to be sent to the Junior Director)


Youth Contest


Sign-a-Song and Public Speaking also go on to Northeast Youth Conference.



Please include with each craft entry: Child's name and address, age as of January 1, 2015, and Junior Grange and Number.


Any questions on any of the Junior Grange work please contact me.


Joann Brandt

41 Burnt Swamp Rd

East Kingston, NH 03827

Tel: 603-642-5074

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Click on the button below for National Grange Junior Page and you will find all the information that you will need to know about this year's Junior Program including the National Grange Junior Merit Badges and Junior Grange Programs. If you can not find the information that you seek, please contact the New Hampshire State Grange Junior Director Joann Brandt.

NG Junior page

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Junior Materials

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P.S. The web site staff is looking for any recent pictures of youth events (State Grange, National Grange, etc). If you have any pictures that you would like to see posted, send them to the Junior Director via her e-mail address above. Make sure to check back here for important announcements. Also, please let the Junior Director know when your junior night is being held. If you don't let us know, how can we be there to participate.

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Scheduled Youth/Junior Events

2015 Winter Youth Rally

NH State Grange Master (President) Chris Heath, with Junior Grangers holding “Noel” our Mascot, at the Winter Rally held on January 31, 2015.


New Junior Grange members being obligated at the 2015 Winter Rally in Hooksett.


Junior Grange members receiving their merit badges at the 2015 Winter Rally in Hooksett.

Junior Winter Rally, January 31, 2015

            Arriving at the State Grange Building, we found the heat in the hall was at 40 degrees. A change of schedule for the Juniors was to first cook in the kitchen to keep warm. We cooked Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies, two types of brownies and Rice Krispy Treats. This warmed us and the building gradually warmed too.

            Thanks for all our Adult helpers, the Grange hall was set up ready for us to fill the offices. Not one of our Juniors had ever performed the Junior Opening and Closing. We had 4 visitors who also filled offices and two were obligated as Junior members, Mallory Enman and Desean Penny. We welcome them and hope they will continue to work on Junior projects. We had another young man wanting to join. He came with Tricia Taylor but she was unable to reach his Mom to see if this was possible. We hope to continue to grow our State Junior Grange.

Three of our Juniors have been working on their Merit Badges and their Grandmother, Cam Twiss, made sashes for them to pin their badges to. They were escorted to the Altar and their Badges were presented to them. Congratulations on a big accomplishment!

            Genevieve Twiss received Family Tree Badge, Inside the Earth Badge, and Manual Alphabet Badge.

Ava Twiss received her Reading Badge, Family Tree Badge, and Manual Alphabet Badge with Emergency Help Badge - on order.

Alayna Twiss received her Reading Badge, Family Tree Badge and Manual Alphabet Badge. They told a little about what they had to do to receive their Badges.

            The afternoon sessions consisted of games, duck tape craft, and card making for the Veterans Home to cover a community service project.

            A total of ten children attended all or part of the activities.

            A big thank you to our State Grange Master, Chris Heath; State Grange Executive Committee member, Tricia Taylor; State Grange Flora, Lois Enman; and Grange members Gloria Davis, Camilie Twiss and Darviana Penny for all the activities that they assisted us with, either by bringing children or working with activities. Having many Young at Heart as our audience and cheering us on, gave our Juniors much encouragement. We also want to let the Youth know how much we appreciated being there with them as parents were near by if we needed support from them.

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June Youth Rally 2014

                                                                                                            April, 2014

  Dear Grange Members and Juniors,

             Spring is finally here. I am thinking this is a great time to take photos and enter them in the Grange contest.

Soon will be school vacation this month and if you have some Plastic lids you may begin to put together the Craft entry for the Big E in Springfield, Ma - Recycled Plastic Lid Craft - May use one or more plastic lids from items such as margarine tub, coffee can, 2 liter bottle, spray can, etc. May decorate with any medium (paint, yarn, buttons, fabric, etc.). Not to exceed 10" x 10" x 6". If hanging type, must have hanger, magnet, etc. for display. NO KITS. Due to me by August 1 so they can be judged and sent to Springfield for display.

Perhaps the Grangers can donate some lids for the Juniors in your Grange to work on this project. I can’t wait to see these great entries.

We will be attending the June Summer Rally along with youth and adults to be held at Copper Cannon Camp, 231 Gale River Rd, Franconia, NH on June 6-8, 2014. I am attaching a schedule to be shared with those wishing to attend the great weekend get together. The cost for the Weekend will be $48.00 and if you come just Saturday the cost will be $12.00. I would encourage each Grange to donate to the Junior Department marked for “camper ships” and I will divide the amount received to help defray cost for each Junior member attending the weekend. If you have questions or concerns on the weekend, please feel free to contact me. I will need to have a count of Juniors coming to Franconia by May 1, 2014. Please call me if you later find you will be able to come. It sounds like a great time for all!

The Northeast Regional Youth Conference will be July 11-13, 2014,  to be held here in New Hampshire at Rivier University, Nashua. Juniors from age 8 -14 can compete in the Sign a Song Contest and more. If there are Juniors interested in attending this weekend or Saturday, please let me know once you get the schedule of activities.

Always check the New Hampshire State Grange website at for all items are place on the website thanks to our great webmaster, Wayne Turcotte.

I attended the Bowling in Hooksett and was able to obligate another Junior into the State Junior Grange so he can now enter all contests as a member. Welcome Justin.

Does your Grange want to start their own Junior Grange? Do you have just one or two to become members of Junior Grange? Please contact me and we can make a plan to have either happen this year.



Joann Brandt

NH Junior Director

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2015 Dates and Deadlines to Remember

January 31, 2015       Winter Youth Rally at NH State Grange Building in Hooksett

February 6&7, 2015  Farm and Forest Expo at Center of NH in Manchester*

March , TBD             Junior Grangers Bowling with the adults**

April , TBD               Spring Fling

April , TBD             Talent Contest

July TBD                Family Weekend

June 5-7, 2015   Summer Youth & Junior Rally at Copper Cannon Camp in Franconia***UPDATE

October 22-24, 2015 NH State Grange Annual Convention at Town & Country in Gorham

* Farm and Forest Expo is a great family event to attend. There is a FARMO (Bingo) contest for the children to learn more about local farming and organizations.There is some tasting of Lamb, Maple and also Ice Cream to purchase. Sometimes Smokey Bear is there and plenty of brochures.

** Junior Grange Bowling will be the same time as adult bowling, but the Junior lanes will have bumpers.

*** We are planning on having two one-day programs for the Juniors in place of attending the Copper Cannon Camp Weekend with the Youth this year. This will give us an opportunity to reach different areas of the state in the two days. Please give me your feedback on how far you are able to travel to attend one of these events so that we can find a location and dates for these events. It is fun to invite non members and parents to attend our activities, in hopes to grow our Junior Grange. (The future of our Grange comes from early learning.) I heard of many families attending Farm and Forest Expo who were looking for activities of learning for their children to participate in.

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Christmas Stockings for Servicemen Overseas

These Christmas stockings were made at State Grange Session by the Juniors, with the assistance of Jane Heath. The stockings will be sent to Pease Greeters to be mailed to servicemen overseas.

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Juniors at 2015 Bowling Tournament

NH Junior Grange Initiates

16 children of Junior Grange age participated in the 2015 Grange Bowling Tournament

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Other Information

National Grange Youth Page

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