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Family and Community

To send an e-mail to the Co-Directors or Committee Members, click on their name below.

Please find the links to the Family and Community program, report forms, contest forms and contest rules below.

Home Ec
Deb Patten Co-Director
Committee Member Pomonas Represented
Ann Leger - Upper Coos and Northern NH
Debbie Stone Mascoma Valley
Mary West Suncook Valley and Merrimack County
Camille Twiss Hillsborough County
Katherine Umberhind East Rockingham
Virginia Clark Cheshire County
Linda Phelps Pemi Valley
Alice Tuck Eastern NH


Community Service
Dick Patten Co-Director - East Rockingham
Haven Haynes Jr. Upper Coos
Kevin Belval Merrimack Valley and Suncook Valley
Brian Rossiter Cheshire County
Roy Stone Mascoma Valley
Fran Everard Eastern NH
Sherrill Bokousky Hillsborough County
Bob Burack Pemigewasset Valley
Doris Mitton Northern NH

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NH State Grange Historian Information

A Message from the Community Service Director

A Message from the Family Services Director

F&C Deptartment Launches Christmas Project for Teens

Family & Community Department is looking for Pictures

Liberty House Appeal

Community Service Donation

Baby Afghan Contest

Community Service Fund Raising

2015 Quilt Blocks for National Grange

2015 Family & Community Service Program

2015 NE & State Needlework Contest Rules

2015 Family & Community Service Subordinate Report Form

2015 Family & Community Service Pomona Report Form

2014 Award Nomination Form

2015 Baking Contest Rules

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F & C Dept is looking for Pictures

The Family and Community Department is looking for Digital pictures of the recipients of last year's awards banquet. If anyone has some photos of those recipients, please send them to Norman Brandt at .  Thank you.

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Police, Firefighter, Teacher and Veteran awards

I am asking Granges throughout the State to send me suggestions for local police officer of the year, firefighter of the year, teacher of the year, and military veteran! If you need forms, please let me know. If you aren't sure how to contact your local departments, please let me know and I will send the letters for your Grange. These individuals put their lives on the line every day to protect us. I will have letters going out to the Granges regarding this. The individuals selected will be honored Saturday evening at the State Grange Banquet. Please use Community Service State Awards form, listed above, to submit your suggestions.

Dick Patten

Family & Community Co-Director

30 Pinewood Trail

Concord, NH 03301-5247

(603) 496-2917

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F&C Dept Launches Christmas Project for Teens

New Hampshire State Grange Community Service Department Launches Christmas Project for Teenagers


New Hampshire State Grange Community Service Director Dick Patten and members of the committee are launching a new Christmas Project for teenagers. Although this may be summer, it is never too early to start thinking about Christmas. Dick Patten began working on this project last Christmas and introduced this proposal to the committee who represent all areas of the Granite State.

Many times there are trees in department or grocery stores and in Churches with programs asking for gifts for children from infant to 18 years of age. In many cases, the Christmas stars that list the sex of the child, age, and gift needs or wishes. In most cases, the stars listing the infants or young children are taken first. The New Hampshire State Grange Community Service Department would like to change that. Many people feel that teenagers from 12 to 18 may not care if they get a gift or not on Christmas morning. However, the Grange feels the teenagers would enjoy opening a gift on Christmas morning. Thus, the project has been named “Santa Remembers Teens at Christmas”. Dick Patten will be sending out information to all Granges by September 1st as a majority of the Granges don’t meet in the summer. However, for those that do, it is never too early to start Christmas shopping.

The Grange will be asking not only its members but residents in their community to support this project by donating a gift for a teenager. The gift suggestions could be gift certificates from McDonald’s, Burger King, Super Cuts, Pizza Hut, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, or the Malls in the state. It doesn’t have to be a super expensive gift to bring a smile to a teen. The Grange will be working with Operation Santa Claus, Friends of forgotten Children and more. 

The Grange members will be asked to bring gifts for this project to the State Grange Session to be held at the Crowne Plaza in Nashua in October.

Please contact State Director Dick Patten at 603-496-2917 and let’s assist “Santa Remembers Teens at Christmas”. The Community Service Department will be contacting people from Coos County to the Seacoast to support this project.  

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Community Service Department Fundraising

The Community Service Department will be selling the RADA knives that Marion Jones used to sell and are very popular; and we will be also selling some other cutlery items and Christmas items that Marion also sold. I am hoping and praying that I can make a donation to the NH State Police for DARE and/or purchasing a paver to be placed at the NH Veterans Cemetery in Boscawen. I would like to purchase a paver with NH State Grange name printed on it and placed in an appropriate area. I saw many nonprofit or fraternal organizations represented and I thought the Grange should be here, we have many members who were or current veterans. Please help me with this! Thank you for listening and hopefully you can help us make our goals! I don't think they are unreasonable.

Dick Patten

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National Grange Quilt Blocks


The National Grange Quilt block contest is a contest that we are promoting to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the National Grange in 2016.  The idea behind the contest is to create a vehicle for our members to share their creative talents.


  1. The period of the contest runs from January 1, 2015 until September 15, 2015 deadline for submissions is September 30, 2015 to the National Lecturer: James Tetreault 19 Parker Street Winchester NH 03470.
  2. Judging will be done prior to National Grange session.
  3. Any entries received after the deadline will not be judged, however, they will be exhibited at the National Grange session in Lincoln, Nebraska.
  4. Pattern: this year’s pattern will be the Northumberland Star.
  5. Colors for this year will be red, white and blue.


  1. Individual quilt block to measure 12 ½ ”  x12 ½ ” and must come unfinished - no batting or backing.
  2. Quilted throw pillow finished size 18”x 18” must come finished batted and backed.
  3. Quilted table runners size 17”x 56” must come finished!

All categories must use the Northumberland Star.

All entries are property of the National Grange. All entries will be given proper credit and awards.

We ask that each entrant also submit the following information.


Grange Name, #, State


Years of Grange Membership

What is special about your Grange/hometown?


Jim Tetreault

Lecturer, Nat’l Grange

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Printer friendly version of Pattern

Click Here for Quilt Block Score Sheet

Click Here for Quilted Pillow or Runner Score Sheet

Click Here for color copy of Quilt Square

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Baby Afghan Contest

Hi - there is a new, separate contest this year (2013, not sure about 2014) for baby afghans in addition to the twin afghans.  The baby afghans must be a minimum of 24" x 36" and a maximum of 26" x 38".

Team:  It is very important that you immediately spread this information to the Granges in your area.  If anyone has a baby afghan and they would like to enter it, they can do so.  Just have them use the entry forms I have supplied and we will know it belongs in the baby afghan category.  If you have any questions please let me know.



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Liberty House Appeal


I have received notice that Liberty House in Manchester, which is a project of my Community Service Committee is in desperate need of food to feed the homeless veterans. If Grangers can help with: peanut butter, soups, dry spaghetti, dry cereals, paper towels, coffee, spam, can openers (electric), bread, and so much more. Please if you are in the Manchester area, can you help? I will be collecting for them at State Grange this year. I am hopeful we can do something special for them. Thanks in advance.


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Community Service Donation

CALLING ALL GRANGES: If your Grange has not sent a donation to Community Service, please send $5.00. It is in your program for Community Service. It will help our projects. As of right now, we can't support Liberty House or DARE, Domestic Violence against Men, Children, or Food Pantry. Please send a check or money order to Community Service, c/o Dick Patten, 30 Pinewood Trail, Concord 03301.

I really appreciate your support.


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2015 NE Needlework Contests

The following contests for New England judging will be held for 2015.  The categories are as follows:


Afghans                         Doilies                  3 Piece Baby Sets

Counted Cross Stitch     Embroidery

Adult Garment               Plastic Canvas      Latch Hook

Quilted Wall Hangings   Stuffed Toy          Baby Afghan


The rules for each category are outlined in the Northeastern Needlework Contest Rules which can be opened and printed through the link below.  All entries must have been completed within the contest year which is August 1, 2014 through July 31, 2015. 


All entries will be due by August 1, 2015 so they can be judged timely.


State Contests will also be held for the following categories:

Non-members are also welcome and encouraged to enter these contests.

2015 NE Needlework Contest Rules

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A Message from the Community Service Director

January 14, 2015

Happy New Year!

     I can’t believe 2014 is now history and a new year has begun.  I thought winter had disappeared, but I was very wrong.   It is interesting to listen to the weather forecasters on television or radio and no matter how wrong they are, they still have a job.    Oh well, it is good for conversation.   

      I apologize for being delayed in sending my letter, but I have been trying to recuperate from pneumonia and bronchitis.   I have had it since before Christmas.    If anyone in your family is coughing or not feeling 100 percent, make sure they go to the doctor’s to be checked.     

       I went to the annual Northeast Leaders Conference, hosted by New Hampshire at Portsmouth.  It was very well attended and I coordinated the Community Service Committee portion.    There were many ideas exchanged during our sessions.   I had the honor of presenting the outstanding Northeast Grange Outstanding Police Officer, Firefighter, and Educator Awards.   I am very pleased that Richard Keays, whom we honored with the New Hampshire Award in October received the Northeast Region Award.    The firefighter award went to deserving person from Maine with Rhode Island’s police officer receiving that award.   All State Directors would like this to continue next year.    I am hoping that New Hampshire granges will submit nominees for the various categories.   There is one change in the police category, Granges may submit a Sheriff nominee or State Police member.   There are towns in our state who do not have a police department and rely on the county sheriff’s department or the state police for coverage.   The deadline for all entries will be June 30, 2015.   I am also asking that you DO NOT put the nominees in your booklet to be judged for national.   The booklets will continue to be sent in to me by September 10.   

       Speaking of booklets, the booklets that were entered this past year were excellent.   I know a lot of work went into these books.   The history recorded in these books is excellent.  I hope the Granges who submitted them are keeping the booklets or donating them to their local libraries.  When someone wants to know what the Grange is doing, all they need to do is read the booklets.     When the committee met at our NH Grange Leaders Conference in December, it was stressed that booklets should contain ONLY photographs, newspaper items, or thank you notes that pertain to the project being focused on.     This applies to all other community projects you are reporting in your booklet.    We DO NOT NEED any photographs, State Grange program, photographs of State Flora’s Court, or any other activities that go on.   The only exception might be if your Grange had a nominee in the Recognition Awards or showing your Grange bringing in items being collected by the State Community Service Committee at the state session.   Please ask me or your State Committee member if you have any questions.    

If your Grange has not received your combination State Family Activities/Community Service program for this year, please contact me and I will send one to you immediately.   

     I hope Granges are busy with the dictionary program.   If your Grange would like to do this program, but finances are a problem, you might consider having a fundraiser or reach out to businesses in your community for assistance or donations.    You could also consider asking another organization to see if they would like to co-sponsor this activity.     Please contact me if you need assistance with this.   

      It is never too early to start thinking about Christmas.   The success of the Santa Remembers Teens at Christmas was so wonderful.    I had thank you notes from Operation Santa Claus and Friends of Forgotten Children for the gift cards.  Both agencies were so overwhelmed when I delivered them and stressed where these had to go.   I was assured they would go to areas where the Granges were located.    I am hoping that we can continue to make this another successful project this year.  You can pick these up anytime and hold them until State Session or send them me for keeping.      The Northeast Directors thought this was a great project and wanted more information.     

     The next greeting cards to send to veterans at Liberty House, Tilton Soldiers Home, or Harbor House ( which is in Nashua) or if you know of another facility that would enjoy homeless veterans getting cards is Valentine’s Day, then St Patrick’s Day and Easter.    Always remember if there are veterans who are of the Jewish faith, Passover cards would be sent.   I took 12 Santa stockings filled goodies and cards to Liberty House for Christmas.  They were so thrilled and I mean thrilled.  If you have a retirement community or a nursing facility and they have veterans, who live there, you might consider adopting them if they have no family.   The best way is to notify these facilities that your Grange is looking for homeless veterans to support at holiday time.   If they do, to please contact you so your Grange can do something nice for them.  

    Winter is a terrible, depressing time for people of all ages especially those who are senior citizens.  Please call them or send a greeting card, send a small plant for Valentine’s.  You might send a small plate of cookies and valentine candy to brighten their day.   Believe me it doesn’t take much to bring a smile to someone’s face if they think they are forgotten and don’t forget them on other special days as well.     If you have senior citizens living alone in your neighborhood, think about getting their newspaper or mail when there is a snowstorm or it is extremely icy or cold.   You might make sure they have enough food or oil in their furnace or needed to shovel their walkway.    Don’t forget if you offer them a ride to church on Saturday or Sunday or to go shopping.    

        The Pomona Granges have a short project list this year.   We are returning to the Public Service Award that can be given to someone in the Grange or non-member.   Please submit your nominee to me by June 30.       The second project is supporting a local SPCA or Humane Society in your area.   They need help by volunteering to walk animals.  You might be asked to give them a wash, or brush them down.  They need food for cats, dogs, or rabbits to name a few.    If you see a dog tied outside in the extreme cold or in an ice or snowstorm, please report this to your local police department.  This is animal abuse and no animal should have to endure this.    

     I am hoping that each Grange will be able to support our departments with a donation.   We are try to do a fundraising project each year to offset our budget.       Please call me at any time if you have any questions and I will try to help you.  I can be reached at 603-496-2917  or email          I would like to wish everyone a great 2015!



Dick Patten, State Community Service Director, NH State Grange

30 Pinewood Trail

Concord, NH 03301

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A Message from the Family Services Director

 January 21, 2015


Dear Grangers:


Hope the winter is treating all of you well and you are able to stay warm and healthy.  It sure can be a challenge sometimes.


As we kick off another grange year, we have already completed our first Family Service project.  Our first project was to put together goody bags for the residents of Glencliff Home.  We filled goody bags with crackers, cookies, pens, small note pads etc. and provided one for each of the 120 residents.   The residents got these Christmas morning and enjoyed them all day long.


Now is a great time to get out the yarn and get the knitting needles going.  There is a very strong need for mittens in schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, Group homes etc.  Please distribute these throughout the winter and also keep in mind that we will be looking for mittens for our Mountain of Mittens next fall at State Grange.  Please remember to keep track of the number of mittens you donate during the year so your grange will get credit on your annual report in 2015.  We collected 180 pair of mittens at State Grange this year and they are distributed throughout the state.


The program booklets were distributed at State Grange.  Please be sure the Family & Community Chairperson in each Grange reviews the program in order to plan your program.  Each grange should plan to do as much as possible and be sure to report at the end of the grange year so we know what your granges are up to.


One of our projects is Galoshes from Grangers.  Thank you very much to those granges who donated boots at State Grange.  We collected 38 pairs at State Grange.  Please keep this in mind for 2015 as we will once again be collecting boots in October 2015.  You should be able to purchase boots at a reduced cost later in the winter season and hold them for October.  If you purchase them now and distribute them please be sure to indicate that on your 2015 report as well.


With the change in a State Master, we have changed our committee a little bit.  The following is the new committee and the granges within the listed Pomonas they will represent:


Ann Leger – Upper Coos and Northern NH

Debbie Stone – Mascoma Valley

Mary West – Suncook Valley and Merrimack County

Cam Twiss – Hillsborough County

Carolyn Ross – East Rockingham and Eastern NH

Virginia Clark – Cheshire County

Deb Patten – Carroll County and Pemi-Valley


You should please reach out to these ladies to attend your Family Services night or to ask questions about the program.  As always, please also feel free to reach out to me.


Baking Contest – After the program was printed outlining that the baking contest is a No-Bake Dessert, the committee met and felt that if we narrowed down the recipes to 4-6 to choose from it might be easier for more to participate.  So I am enclosing 6 recipes that grangers can choose from. (Please contact your State Committee member for recipes) Please be sure your members get copies of these recipes and encourage participation.  If there are any additional questions please reach out to the Family Services committee person listed above or me.  We are here to help.  The winner at your subordinate will be asked to make the dessert again for your Pomona judging.  The Pomona winner will be asked to bring the entry to State Grange in October.  I will be lining up judges who are not Grange members and who are professional bakers or chefs to judge these.


Needlework Contest – We met at the Northeast Leaders Conf. this month and the Northeast contests will remain the same this year.  You all received a pamphlet in your packets (lavender in color) that describes the rules and the contest categories.  If you don't have that please reach out to the committee or me for more info.  We want to encourage greater participation in these contests.  Grangers and Non-Grangers are welcome to participate.

There are categories for judging at the State Level if you don't find a category for your items at the Northeast level.


PLEASE – highlight and discuss this at your grange meeting.  PLEASE do not just let everyone know you received this letter – communication is critical to success!!!!


Stay Well – Stay Warm!




Deb Patten, Director

Family Services Committee

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NH State Grange Historian

Eldest Grange Member Recognition


I see where we have the Boston Post Cane for the town’s oldest citizen. Then another community gives a decorated broom to the oldest resident in their village.

I am looking for Granges to send the names of their eldest members, one male and one female in terms of their age to me by June 30. I would like to present a gavel to the eldest male and female in our Grange.

I will be sending a form to all Granges for you to complete. 

I will be honoring them at the State Historian Luncheon at the state Session in October. I really hope each Grange will suggest someone.


Please send to:

Dick Patten, NHSG Historian

30 Pinewood Trail  

Concord, NH 03301

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